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Email Alert Service

Taking our service to a new level, you as a subscriber will be notified of every tender information in your business area through our advanced email alert system.

As a business person, we expect you to check your email at least once a day. During that time, if there are new developments on our website, meaning when new tenders matching your interest are posted online, we will remind you to check them out. This way, you are always reminded and are on cutting edge of your business, with business information just a click away, and you will not have to waste your time searching for tenders.

Email alerts are sent out in the business areas that you are interested in and/or categories you select. So who defines which business area is worthy of an email alert or not? YOU! When you create your account you will define your areas of interest for email alerts, set it up for email notification to get. After all, it’s your account, your company, your interest and your money. You are in complete control of your E-Tender account.

There is NO LIMIT to the email alert tender categories you can set, so get ahead and put your notification on the right gear.

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